Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Ring Of Fire Total Solar Eclipse

This morning around 5:45 was the Total Solar Eclipse. It was best seen in areas such as Africa. I read that in astral studies this is a time when the moon interrupts the same ol' energy that the sun sends us and it becomes a time of possible reprogramming and growth. This includes possible reprogramming that has carried over from past lives, if you believe in them.

I found a plethora of astral insights about the theory of regeneration and growth during this new moon eclipse here, at Mystic Mamma. I'm still reading this page and digesting the information a little at a time.

Due to the Daylight Savings time change it was already black outside tonight at by 5:30. I'm kind of depressed by the fact that I can't just be outside in the evenings like I could in the summer so I'm making the most of this by promising myself to finish readings (like at Mystic Mamma) and some of the books I've started and haven't finished. Trying to stay positive when my heart just wants warmth and sunshine!

Here's to reading the evenings away!
P.S. Am I the only one that thinks of Johnny Cash when I hear anything named Ring of Fire?
XO ~Tonya

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