Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Girl 
Tonya Moore dove into creativity from a very young age and never looked back whilst exploring the genres of drawing, painting, building, sculpting, and soon after graphic design. She has been deemed highly creative by mentors and instructors. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University in 2010 with interests and excellence in photography, illustration, and writing. With a solid Midwestern work ethic, she works efficiently with a keen eye for uniqueness, detail, strong concept, and maintains quality with
fresh solutions.
She enjoys traveling and learning from other cultures. In 2009 she studied fine art abroad in Rome, Italy.  She has also traveled to England, France, Canada, and Mexico. 
Calling central Iowa home, when she’s not designing, she is an unabashed vintage fashion enthusiast, animal lover, camper, gardener, movie watcher, writer, and adventure seeker. 

The Blog
The Gold Moon Vintage blog was created in 2011 and is a companion to the Gold Moon Vintage shop. Here you will find inspiration consisting of many things vintage, art, and fashion.

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