Thursday, April 5, 2012

The power of an image; I normally don't do this but...

I normally try to keep my posts about either something from the past or something artistic and inspiring but I suppose this image is inspiring.

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Christina Aguilera has officially inspired me to throw away all my makeup and to start over! She is so gorgeous and she has changed so much in this week's "The Voice" that when I saw this image I couldn't stop looking at it. Some of her appearances of late have consisted of the more theatrical version, yet still beautiful version, of herself. In this photo, she gets it exactly right from the smokey eyes to the form-fitting tangerine-hued dress.

It seemed to me that only a tv land week had passed during this transformation. Also, since I'm on the subject and I can't help myself, when are Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine going to be single at the same time?! I'm convinced that a little bit of good timing is all that's needed for these Hollywood beauties to get together.

found here
Ooookay. Now I have my pop culture fix. ;)
xoxo, Tonya

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