Friday, November 1, 2013

November Already

Photo by Amanda Charchain found here

How can it be November already?

I've been wrapped in a cocoon of Halloween bliss for the whole month of October. I loved every green spider web I hung and every hauntingly creepy documentary I watched. It ended perfectly with adding one huge blue light to my Halloween yard display to illuminate a near life-sized space ship, and meeting the cool folks in my neighborhood as I gave out candy. One of the best compliments I received was when a gal around my age with her husband seemed excited to meet my
fiancé and I. They said that they look forward to our display every year! I have to admit that I felt a little frenzied like the detailed guy in The American Scream and felt like a fat cat after everything was finished.

And now for November. It seems like the best month to declutter my place, my mind, and to finish old projects to make way for the new.

Also this marks the beginning of NaBloPoMo i.e. National Blog Posting Month! Mwahahaa, this is the blogging counterpart to NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. So this means I plan on going from virtually no blog posts per month to a whole month full, writing fresh posts daily.

So hang on to your hats! It's getting windy around here!
XO ~ Tonya

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