Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Science Greats / If They Had Logos

Hello! I love stepping a little out of the fashion genre here on Gold Moon Vintage from time to time. You know how I love news from Space and I truly believe intellect is beautiful. Dare I say without sounding cheesy it's the perfect accessory for any style. Well that did sound cheesy but nonetheless part of intellect is the continuance of learning. Lately I've been lightly researching some of my favorite scientists so when I saw this branding project by Alan Betancourt found here I couldn't turn away and I had to share it.

It's too bad there aren't any women represented in this set which leads me to the topic of women in science related fields. Have you read the recent articles about how there are more female college graduates than men but there are fewer women going into the lucrative STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professions? One article suggests women are more well rounded with more options so they choose different careers. Another article mentions that some females may not be finding the right "pipelines" to set them on the path of having a STEM career.

here are a couple articles on the subject. 1, 2

When I think back to middle school through senior high I don't recall my teachers or my mentors really talking about what kinds of careers there are in the STEM fields besides some of the obvious ones. When I was in college one favored graphic design professor spoke nearly daily to the class about some of the options we had as far as careers relating to our degree and that seemed to energize our efforts towards future possible careers. So I believe the "pipeline" theory may be more of the culprit.

What do you think about this topic?

xo, Tonya

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