Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring, Magic, and the Black Lotus

Here's to the first day of Spring! Woohoo! We made it! (I'm trying my best to ignore that it's a cruel 20 degrees here in Iowa with snow on the ground and another snowstorm in the forecast). I took this photo a few Springs ago. It really cheers me up and if you're stuck in what seems like a perpetual winter, I hope it cheers you up too.

Last night I watched a rerun of Storage Wars with my fiancé and one of the best finds was the Black Lotus card from Magic: The Gathering. My fiancé said he would have killed for that card back in the day, the 90s.

Apparently it was a hard card to get and was discontinued due to it's playing power. Currently the Black Lotus is banned in some Magic: The Gathering tournaments! On the show it sold for $700! I thought that was a lot but I just found one selling on ebay priced at over $37,000! Whaaaat?! Unfortunately my fiancé never owned one.

Each flower, the peony in my photo and the Black Lotus, represents a sought-after happening, and both are a little out of reach. My imagination took this pairing even further and I came up with this combination. If the photos above were bad ass looks they'd be these bad ass looks!!

Left: Free People Here / Right: Tim Walker Sept. 2012 found Here

Cheers and happy Spring
xo Tonya

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