Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time to Breathe

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First of all, Happy New Year! I've been writing lists of things I'm going to accomplish this year. I will accomplish them!  My 2012 horoscope says this year will be very "art house cinema" for me. I truly love that description and it made me laugh when I read it! Have you been making lists too? I think this is going to be a HUGE year for all of us. I wish you success, new beginnings, peace, happiness, love, and evolution. 

Tonight marks a night when Iowa can finally breathe again. The politicians are leaving with a one way ticket out of here and we can all start going back to our normal lives again without being bombarded by political stimuli. Vintage fashion or art related stimuli here in Iowa, now that is something I could get used to. 

Of course it is a time to breathe in the freshness of 2012, to get grounded, and to do some amazing things this year. 

Also, have you seen "Iowa Nice" yet? I am proud to say that my alma mater, Iowa State University, is the university (then, Iowa State College) where the first digital computer was invented. (contains adult language, consider yourself warned)
xo~ Tonya

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