Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Leaves Are Twirling

Hello! I've been soaking in all of the beauty of Fall that I can get. I think I'm in love with this season. However, this morning a sad thing happened that marks the coldness of winter creepin' in. My ginkgo tree ceremoniously dropped practically all of its leaves in a couple hours. It really held onto them longer than usual this year which made me happy. I've never lived with a ginkgo tree before so I treasure it and I think it's neat that ginkgoes are considered to be living fossils! I'm also relieved that it seems to be male and not have the smelly seeds that the females have. It's a good tip if you are shopping for ginkgo trees!

Despite all of this Ginkgo talk, I'm showing you some photos of other lovely trees near one of my favorite local ponds. I think all of these photos evoke such a feeling of calmness and I'm mesmerized by the reflections. 

All photos by Tonya Moore

I hope you are getting ready for what's sure to be a fantastic weekend! 
p.s. I may or may not scoop up some fallen ginkgo leaves and press them in heavy books. ;)

xoxo, Tonya

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