Saturday, September 27, 2014

It has been a loooong time

Hello all! I can not believe it has been so long since my last post. While I admit I have been busy, I haven't let the Gold Moon Vintage blog stray from my heart. I just read an article about the fashion blog in general being dead but I disagree. Some of my favorite sites have inspired and educated me about what I love most in fashion. I can only hope to be as inspiring to the sweet souls that frequent this site. In short, I believe in this brand and I believe in you so here I am, continuing on. Here you will find more conversation even if it is mostly visual about vintage, costumes, moon topics, and what is happening in space (and wow is there a lot happening). I know I can't please everyone, so take what you like from this blog and I will promise to work on adding more original content. Until then, there is so much to look at that I don't want you to miss. For instance let's celebrate the greatness of this editorial! Brilliant!

Shön Magazine
Photo: Alvaro Villarrubia
Stylists: Mario Ville (Kattaca)
Make up & Hairdresser: Rocio Cuenca
Model: Didi Maquiaveli
Assistant: Antonio Velasco
found here

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