Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Biking Free

Hello! I hope your day is going well!
I'm really into this January catalog from Free People. I like how the clothes have a vintage-y vibe but I'm absolutely drawn to the sun-in-the-hair, riding on bikes, and feeling free essence of this collection.

After looking at these photos I nearly want to jump on a bike and go! But I have a story for you. Last summer I was riding a new-to-me vintage bicycle. I hadn't been on a bike for YEARS and I didn't realize the handle bars were crooked and that I was holding myself slightly off-balance. I took this bike camping with me and somehow, in the bliss of riding with a friend in the warm summer air and with the thrill of picking up a little speed as I rode down a hill, my sandals flew off! I didn't have any brakes on my vintage bike. The only way to stop was to back pedal but I couldn't attempt a stop since the pedals where flying around so fast!

So it was me, my crooked bike, no sandals, a tree, a cliff overlooking the lake, and a small camper. In half of a second, I decided the best way to stop was to head for the tree. My bike came to a sudden crashing stop on a decline with nothing but the tree between me and the cliff. It was such an awkward angle and my face was literally 2-3 inches from the tree! To my further embarrassment the guy who owned the camper saw the whole thing and just looked at me. He never asked if I was okay or anything! My bike made it through without a scratch as I landed squarely with/on the front tire. Luckily I didn't need reconstructive surgery!!!

Is this bike the Christine of bikes? Maybe I should wear actual shoes when biking? I'm a little nervous yet still determined to have fun doing some "light" biking around my neighborhood this spring and summer...on flat surfaces only.

xoxo, Tonya

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