Monday, July 2, 2012

The Artist and His Venice via Llamas' Valley

This month I definitely have wanderlust! Between a friend making plans to move away to an exciting location and a good buddy who returned to Roma this summer, I just want to throw clothes in my suitcase and go on some adventures too!

Naturally I would love to explore new-to-me destinations but I always think about the beauty and magic that some of the already visited areas hold in my heart. One place dear to me is Venice, Italy so when I saw the story about artist Ludovico de Luigi in the online magazine by Llamas' Valley, I knew I had found something very special.

The images show a glimpse of Ludovico de Luigi's home and studio. I'm always curious to see how other artists use their space to create. It's fun to think that when I was in Venice, I may have walked by Ludovico de Luigi's home and wondered what kind of a fascinating person lived behind such an exquisite door. What stories would they tell of a life touched by the beauty and enchantment of Venice, Italy. It seems that I finally received my answer.

all photos by Milda Bendoraityte
For the article and more images, pop on over here.
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