Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni For The Masses

Today, I am seriously giddy for Missoni! It started with a beyond wonderful, colorful, mod-vibe, zig-zag pattern-filled commercial, which was made by Target announcing the debut of the Missoni for Target line. The line started today and is only available until October 22 or while supplies last!! My whole body is a little shaky as I'm writing this! 
It's now in the late afternoon and Target is still having issues with getting viewers past their website's landing page due to unusually high traffic. However, it only takes a couple minutes to get past it and into the Missoni for Target collection. Woohoo! I'll take a sleeveless dress, a sweater, some knee high socks, darn those purple ones are out of stock already, the pajama pants, the tights, those shoes with the cute little zig-zag across the toe, a purse, some pillows, and, and... 

There have been reports of mobs of people in large cities rushing the Target stores this morning in a Missoni frenzy. In at least one case, the store was sold out of Missoni for Target in 30 minutes!! Apparently some of these pieces are already being found on eBay at a marked up rate. Boo.

Get ready to see zig-zag space dyed patterns all over the place this fall and winter! I can imagine it getting carried into spring and summer as well. Wouldn't those brightly colored patterns be fantastic on patio chairs and planters?

Of course, what is the fun of wearing a reinvented, gorgeous, classic and hopefully still available line of clothing without doing some research on the history of Missoni? Here are just a few tidbits. Missoni is an Italian fashion house that started in 1953 with a peak in fashion in the 70s. Missoni expanded to all sorts of things including interiors. One of the grand daughters, Margherita Missoni, is now a model and is the unofficial muse for Missoni fashion and she stars in Target's commercial for Missoni for Target. 

What do you think? Are you completely mad for Missoni?
FYI, the Missoni word count for this post is up to 13!

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