Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nifty Thrifty ~ Flea Market Finds


Hello friends! Over the weekend, I went to the Rutledge Flea Market in Missouri. It's a huge flea market that never disappoints and is in an area where several Amish families live. When I can, I borrow my family's four wheeler to zip around on, nearly running over other shoppers that get in my way. just kidding. Technically the Rutledge Flea Market started as a dog and gun "exchange"/ Hillbilly Auction and currently has many sweet-faced dogs, bunnies, goats, chickens, and ducks for sale that all need to go to good homes. 

Luckily, I can take my pick at anything I find that is mid-century modern-ish without a lot of competition and at reasonable prices. However, the arrow sign at the top was priced at $500 which was just a little over my flea market budget and worries me that some of the vendors may be matching what vendors on the coasts are asking for. I love looking for treasures but it's also fun to find things that would never work in my decor (for example the carpet pillow).

This is the very first Nifty Thrifty post and I hope to include more in the future! I also hope to have more courage to take photos without caring if people are looking at me and without caring what people are wondering while I'm taking photos of their stuff. I missed out on a great photo of a young woman walking down the lane while playing the mandolin. Also, I missed out on a photo of handsome young man that absolutely looked like he lived in the mountains somewhere. 

I purchased a few things that I LOVE so much such as these lamps below that were a STEAL at only $5 for the pair!!!  I know right?! The shades were not so great and I left them by a trash can, but I can't wait to get new shades for these bad boys!! They are going to look so great... somewhere in this house. (:

I hope your week is starting off "most excellently"!!
xo Tonya

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