Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lilacs and Soda

Two of my favorite things in the spring is the fantastic scent of lilacs and the sweet taste of cream soda with a barbecue. I guess it doesn't take much to make me happy! Lilac bushes remind me of home as I grew up with two super huge ones. When I was young, I tried to make a lilac bush into a tree house of sorts by tying things to the branches that I could sort of walk under and be surrounded by. Now that I'm all grown up I have two lilac bushes of my own that I can take pictures of and share with you!!

This little chicken was a garage sale find that I painted white. 
My favorite color to spray paint things if you couldn't tell. :)
I couldn't leave out the perfect couture spring dress! The following four are from the 
Ellie Saab Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. These gowns are sooo dreamy. 
 This next dress would be perfect to wear out on a day like today.

I hope all of you are able to enjoy the nice days of Spring while we have them. Remember to take time to enjoy the small things!
xo Tonya

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