Friday, April 22, 2011

To the Earth, From the Gold Moon

All Photos by Tonya Moore

Hello my friends! Happy Friday and Happy Earth Day! These are some flowers from my garden in years past. I have a butterfly garden that gets unruly by the end of the summer but early on it's very pretty. The weather has been cold and rainy here in Iowa this past week but it reached 90 degrees about two weeks ago! Typical! So now since I've had a taste of the post-winter sun I want more, More, MORE!...le sigh.

In the meantime I'll keep myself busy finding all sorts of vintage for the store and I'm going to start planning what types of veggies I might try to grow this year. Also, I'm going to be thinking about more ways I can be more green starting today. What things are you already doing and what more can you do to be green? 

xo T

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