Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy on the heart & soft on the skin

Don't you just love having the option of wearing faux fur when possible? Of course you can decorate with it too. Here's an animal friendly way to dress up your vintage patio chairs or lounge chairs! I used a piece of faux fur fabric that was a leftover piece from a Halloween costume I once tried to create. I attempted to make the winter ice dress and wrap of the White Witch from the Chronic (what) -cles of Narnia. Yep, that just happened. Here's a mini photo shoot I did with one of my vintage patio chairs and a retro owl planter I found at the Rutledge Flea Market. Also, in the background, you can see the magnolia tree in bloom!

All Photos by Tonya Moore
I hope your day is a great one! Are you getting excited for "the" wedding?!! 

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